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As she was raised in the Midgar Slums, Aerith maintains that she can take care of herself and can fight off Shinra troops, as well as demonstrating more subtle forms of savvy.

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This also applies for Cloud, who is called Ex-SOLDIER in the game, but this is changed when the player gets to the name selection screen where the default on the name selection is "Cloud." The same also applies for Red XIII, who is called "Red" before naming him, but unlike the latter two, this is seen at the top of a dialogue box during the player's first interactions with him, and changes to "Red XIII" in the name selection screen.

The official English website for the 2012 PC re-release of Final Fantasy VII refers to her as "Aerith Gainsborough." In Final Fantasy VII, Aerith wears a shin-length pink dress that buttons up the front and a red bolero jacket.

This is how Aerith appears in most of her spin-off appearances.

In Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, Aerith wears a blue and white dress with a red camisole underneath and white wedge sandals with pink straps.

In the issue Aerith's name was written as "Aerith," as opposed to "Aeris" found in the game.

The magazine also translated Barret's name as "Bullet." Although she was never seen referred to as Aerith in-game prior to Kingdom Hearts, in the original Final Fantasy VII, before being given the opportunity to name the character she is named "Aerith" by default within the game's code.

As the translator of Final Fantasy VII likely lacked much or all of the context discussed in the Etymology section, "Aeris" is the most logical transliteration of エアリス when the word is given with no other context, as ス is also commonly used to represent a "solo S" in addition to a "th." Since Kingdom Hearts and in all related appearances since, the official English spelling of her name has been retconned to "Aerith".

An article in Game Fan magazine (volume 4 issue 5, from May 1996) shows the characters that were known at the time.

Aerith has a strong sense of forgiveness, displayed in occasions such as with Cloud after the events at the Temple of the Ancients.

She even shows compassion to people who might not deserve the gesture, like Tseng.

In Aerith's later portrayals in Before Crisis, Crisis Core and Kingdoms Hearts her outgoing, playful nature is not as apparent, and instead shows a more prayerful and dreamy demeanor.

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