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500,000 annual revenue whereas 99 percent of SMEs have fixed assets worth less than 1 million rupees including land and buildings.

500,000 and having only 2 employees is bracketed with a firm earning Rs. MSEs remain largely un-served/underserved by banks and business development service providers, and are more vulne-rable to shocks like energy shortages, rising energy costs, and inflation.

Where the reported credit extended to the SME sector is growing, commercial banks routinely conceal any information on the size and nature of the borrowing firms which means we remain largely ill-informed about the credit extended to the MSE sector at large, as they are bracketed with the medium scale organizations.

As above table shows, while there are some programmes and institutions focused on women entrepreneurship development, WEs do not receive any special policy preference except perhaps in the case of SMEDA.

SMEs do not access banks for loans; 70 percent would prefer to borrow from friends and families, which are easily and immediately available.

A survey by the State Bank of Pakistan suggests that an over whelmingmajority of SMEs are small proprietorship firms employing less than 20 workers, which signifies the need for separately addres-sing Micro and Small Enterprise (MSE) issues.

A survey conducted by SMEDA suggests that almost 84 percent of SMEs operating in Pakistan earn less than Rs.

Donors like USAID, CIDA, and CIPE have invested in female entrepreneurship development as a priority area and several projects have been already rolled out.

The networks of women entrepreneurs need to approach them and seek their assistance. Foster entrepreneurial network As micro and small enter-prises cannot possibly achieve economies of scale, the banks and other business support organizations should extend incentives for vertical and horizontal collaboration amongst MSEs.

They may set up knowledge sharing circles and share experiences with each other on a regular basis to learn from each other and get inspired. Muhammad Aziz, Kashf Foundation, during an interview at Kashf head office on 11th September 2009.

Promoting Women SME Entrepreneurship: Towards some intervention priorities for the government. Ali Salman currently works as a senior partner at Development Pool - a consulting firm and teaches Economics.

However, many of these practices can be undertaken for free or at subsidized rates.


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