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That’s the conclusion of a major new study by TML, a Belgian transport specialist.

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TML found that inputting the real data produced simulated traffic patterns very similar to the observed ones, including the same increase in travel times, confirming the accuracy of the model.

TML then quantified the congestion by converting it to “lost vehicle hours” (the time wasted per vehicle occupant because of congestion), in this case amounting to 1,925 hours in a single morning rush-hour period.

Move over and let them through, or better still, get on a bike yourself.

You’ll arrive at your destination sooner, and less stressed.

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The individuals making the switch, of course, would enjoy even faster journey times once the queues start to form, but they would also be helping their fellow commuters. The effect on emissions assumes that car drivers would change to 250cc commuter bikes, which produce 21 per cent less emissions than cars.

But this alone resulted in a fall of only one per cent in emissions – a greater fall of five per cent came from the improved traffic flow.

Satisfied that the model reflected the real world accurately and the PCE value for motorcycles was accurate, TML next looked at the consequences on traffic flow of one in 10 car drivers switching to motorcycles. The travel time for the remaining 90 per cent of car drivers at the 7.50am peak increased by just six minutes instead of 14, while the queues started later and dissipated sooner.


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