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Learn about the history and culture of UAE, the must-try food and drink, and what to pack in your suitcase.

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"Over the weekend, we heard reports that Signal was not functioning reliably in Egypt or the United Arab Emirates," Open Whisper Systems writes.

"We investigated with the help of Signal users in those areas, and found that several ISPs were blocking communication with the Signal service and our website.

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The Burj al Arab is a hotel rated 7 stars and is a good example of how “the other half lives” with its structure made to look like a ship’s sail.

Don’t for a second think there is nothing ancient here – try the Gold and Spice souks or walk in the old atmospheric neighbourhoods.

In the hinterland, you will even find waterfalls and freshwater lakes.

The capital, Abu Dhabi, is the largest city and one of the world’s most modern.

All IP matters in Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates filed on 1 January 2018 will be subject to VAT, as well as all pending stages for the previous jobs that will be completed; our invoices issued on or after this date will reflect the new VAT rate.

Due to Article 21 of the VAT law: “If an invoice is issued or payment made for Goods or Services prior to the effective date of this law or prior to the registration date, and the Supply take place after this date, then Tax shall be due on the date of supply”.

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