Tyra banks dating a millionaire

We were curious to see how these adorable girls of the ’90s look like today – how did their careers go? We have actresses, singers, daughters of famous people who became famous themselves, all of whom ruled the ’90s like they were running the country.We have to say that most of these women have maintained their career pretty well over time and have contributed to the genre of work they are in.

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Doesn't it make much more sense that, as Page Six reported Sunday, they're hanging out and Drake is making the most knowingly creepy face ever on Instagram because what they're actually doing is teaming up musically?

Drake said, during his New Year's Eve set at Hakkasan in Las Vegas, which J.

Lo watched from a VIP table, that he had new music coming this month, after all. News that they're keeping company for publicity but, that being said, Lopez was "having fun" and didn't consider Drake a potential serious boyfriend.

Which isn't to say there isn't a romantic element to Drake and J. (The other theory, that Drake tends to pine for the small handful of women on earth who aren't having him, can wait for another day.)Online you can find the debunking or further probing of speculation linking Drake to more than a dozen women over the past decade, including the ones mentioned above—much of that speculation resulting from song lyrics or a flirty Instagram photo.

Her dramatic TV love life, magical indiscretions and ever-changing appearance got the world hooked.

These days, Alyssa is keeping busy with both TV roles, and, wait for it, her own comic book.

"She's someone I've been in love with since I was 22-years-old," he Ri-revealed.

So when he's romantically linked to Jennifer Lopezin December, when they spend New Year's Eve together, are we supposed to think for any reason that this is going anywhere?

One day, Drake is going to be in a serious relationship. Yet Drake-in-love seems to be the preferred persona among his fans, particularly when it pertains to his great public love, the yin to his yang, his sometime duet partner and the fuel that seemingly keeps his fantasies going. Their relationship has been waxing and waning like the tide for nearly eight years now.

He's only 30 and, as one of the most successful rap artists alive right now, he swims in a sea populated by far more fish than any average male ecosystem could possibly comprehend.

That special decade really enabled people in the United States to just let lose and get silly, with some pretty ridiculous and awesome fashion trends as well as some amazing female talent.


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