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This week, Carolina Panthers’ Cam Newton and New York Giants’ Brandon Marshall face-off, while in game two, Eric Decker of The New York Jets and U. Olympian Apolo Ohno compete against each other with hopes of making it to the winners circle and the ultimate prize of 0,000.

The 2018 Winter Olympics have finally begun, and on Friday night all of the world's best athletes marched into Pyeong Chang, South Korea as part of the opening ceremony.

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Well, one of those reporters understood what these Olympic athletes were going through more than anyone else, because he had competed in three Winter Olympics.

Yep — that was none other than Apolo Ohno, the most popular speed skater in the United States, who was interviewing Team United States before the opening ceremony in Pyeong Chang. While watching Ohno conduct his interviews (complete with his signature soul patch), everyone on Twitter shared how excited they were to see Ohno back at the Olympic games... Check out some of the best tweets below: Thankfully, it seemed like Apolo Ohno can hold an interview just as well as he can skate circles around competition on the ice.

But I love it because for one, I have an obvious inside track to the sport.

I know all the athletes, I know the coaches, I competed against most of them.

Koreans are heavily involved in speed skating in general, but I think showcasing some of the beautiful elements of what Korean culture is all about is going to be really interesting for people to see, who are not familiar with Seoul or Korea or Gangnam–which is the ice arena–or Pyeongchang in general. I’ve been to Korea many times since I’ve retired and the Korean rivalry that I’ve had with the athletes for many years, 15 years actually, was always at its peak.

It’s going to be interesting to watch to see how their athletes perform on home ice as an advantage because they’re no longer as dominant as they used to be. So he performed very well in Sochi in 2014, won multiple gold medals.

So seeing how that comes into play is going to be a really, really interesting matchup, I think. So you’ve got the defected Korean athlete who went to compete for Russia, who’s now a Russian citizen but he was a natural Korean citizen. But literally you have an athlete from every single country whether it’s Hungary, the Netherlands team, you’ve got the French, you’ve got the Russians, you’ve got the Chinese, the Japanese, the Americans — there’s really a superstar athlete from every team.

This will be probably one of the most competitive Olympic Games because anybody from the semifinal to the final can win a possible gold. AO​: Well I think the team in general has a good shot for a relay medal. There’s been some changing in the coaching structure of U. speed skating over the past couple years so the guys are not as dominant as it used to be, but again it’s the Olympic Games so anything can happen.

After he broke out in the 2002 Winter Olympics, Ohno's soul patch became a buzzy topic of conversation among viewers... Apolo Ohno burst onto the worldwide athletic scene during his high-profile Winter Olympics debut at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Ohno was Team United States' breakout speed skater, credited with bringing national attention to the sport more than ever before.

CC: AO​: When you look at 100 days out, you’re kind of three months away from being at full, peak physical and mental form.

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