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She didn't, but Mark noticed ominously that one of the guys, Paul, who was with her kept looking over his shoulder.Paul was a nasty little ass, and he would recognize Mark if he saw him, so Mark made a detour of sorts, cutting around several machines and then moving as quickly as he could toward the end.He had been there a few times and remembered that there were two gaming roomss in that area?

Then her husband, Mark, called to say he had to work late again and she blew up, telling him he had been working late every night this week and she was tired of it.

She wanted to party, she deserved it, and she was going whether he showed or not.

Then it hit him, they were heading to the home of Mr.

Thomas which was located on the opposite side of the street.

The older security guard told him that Veronica and the others had left almost an hour earlier and Mark knew she was probably at the casino now, where the main party was happening.

He again called her and this time she picked up on the third ring.

It was four days before Christmas when Veronica's company held their holiday party, something they were all looking forward to, especially Veronica. Thomas, the owner of the accounting facility lived close to the casino and made arrangements to host the party there, though a few select people were allowed to also use a portion of his expansive home, located just a block from the company on the same side of the street as the casino property.

Those attending the party at the casino had access to food and some drinks, but they were on their own when it came to gambling and Veronica wanted to go.

He didn't know if Veronica was now at the casino, or was still at work and decided to call her, but it went to voice mail.

Well, he thought, I'm here, so I'll check her work first.

He watched them for a bit as they all stood there talking, and had no idea of what was happening.


  1. She enjoys the fact that he nags her a lot, but still dries her hair for her whenever she’s lazy.

  2. Il tuo obiettivo è quello di incontrare un sacco di gente, quindi le persone che leggono il tuo profilo scopriranno alla fine se stai mentendo. È naturale voler scegliere l’immagine migliore di te stesso, ma fai in modo che almeno rifletta accuratamente il tuo aspetto attuale.

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  4. Only given 12 hours until their relationship will expire, Amy and Frank enjoy a date that is, by all accounts, a nice night together.

  5. Because we are committed to providing the highest possible quality and finding the neighborhoods that best meet your criteria, we use census tracts.

  6. How do you feel about this romantic pairing of Ava with Griffin (Matt Cohen)? She has got a transformation underway in more ways than one, and we will see if it takes.

  7. They’d lived into their 70s, but no details were given as to why they died.

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