Feminist dating

I'm a radical liberal feminist and I don't hate men! It's almost like I was raised by an awesome father, have great brothers, and understand that people are complicated and that it's shortsighted to to write off an entire gender just because of the actions of some of them.

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We need to get comfortable with simultaneous speech.

But I hope that by sharing five common traits feminists look for in a man, I can save some of the younger folks out there some of the heartache I experienced.

Men and women both have a right to ask for these things from your partner. You need to treat all women like we are human beings, because we are.

I want to begin this post with two excerpts that can give a bit of context for this discussion.

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It's hard because if you are open about being a feminist, men may think you are a humorless, strident harpy.

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When you see a woman being treated unfairly, speak up.

When you are hanging around with people who speak about women in a sexist or disparaging way, speak up.

Instead of being singularly female-oriented, modern feminism is a call for economic, personal, social, and cultural equality among all sexes and orientations.

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