Bosco and myolie dating 2016

For this, she thanked Philip for making her smile every day.

oneonone dating com - Bosco and myolie dating 2016

He also confessed that his dream is to pursue acting in more movies and wish to direct his own one day.

He again received positive reviews for his solid performance as the central character Sit Ho Ching in "Golden Brother"(2014)., which subsequently won him Best Leading Actor award at Europe China Image Film Festival 2014, London.

He was spotted on the street by a talent-recruiter and soon appear for the first time in a lemon tea commercial and several minor modelling jobs.

Recruiters offered him further opportunities but Bosco insisted on finishing his high school first.

Her fiancé Philip Lee is a 40 year old entrepreneur who fell in love with her at first sight. And after a year of dating, romantic Philip has proposed to Myolie with a diamond ring surprise in the rice cooker! Every tough girl lives a little princess in the heart.

Their journey may be a little rushing, but to Myolie, Philip is the man who gives her the security she needs.

He also subsequently expressed that his growing age allows him to play more mature characters such as triad leader "Cripple Co" and righteous police Inspector "Hui Sir" in Witness Insecurity (TV series)(2012) and "Cripple Co" is a role that he had fun playing.

Bosco starred in his first silver screen leading role as "Chiu Bing" - a low class ice cream vendor in director Fire Lee's debut movie Love In Time(2012) and gained positive applause for his sincere and realistic performance.

Right after high school graduation(Form 7) Bosco auditioned at TVB in 1999 at age 19.

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