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This spiritual belief is vital for it offers a key to understanding the First Nations of Canada, their cultures and their rights to the land.Canada is their homeland, the place where they have always lived.

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No part of Canada has ever had an original population.

For thousands of centuries after the earth's crust formed the physical features that comprise Canada, not a living soul trekked across that vast territory. The lonely wastes awaited the arrival of Aborigines - ab origine) (from the beginning) who spread across this empty land at the end of the last Ice Age.

Both routes led through tundra, boreal forest, deciduous forest, prairie, and desert and other environments like today's.

Columbus reached islands in the Caribbean in 1492 and therefore was the first European to discover what became America.

They almost surely fled the hazards of the Ice Age on foot 13,000 years ago at the tail end of the Ice Age.

Because the sheets of polar ice locked up huge amounts of water, sea levels around the world fell about three hundred feet.The ancestors of most modern Indians made up the second group.Archeologists supporting this view suggest these first Americans must have arrived 20,000 years ago when the ice pack was smaller. Indian activists dislike this line of reason, for they say it infers they are simply a band of interlopers." Aboriginal oral tradition maintains that a Creator placed human beings on earth in North America at the beginning of time.Many Canadian Indian elders accept this as spiritual truth as revealed in sacred myths, dreams, visions.In the most primitive geophysical sense, this country was formed 3.5 billion years ago of Precambrian granite.


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