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Get educated on some of the most common scams that the FBI investigates, as well as tips to help prevent you from being victimized.

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TODAY’s Sheinelle Jones sat down with him and with Y spokesperson Jane Lynch.

(By TODAY with our sponsor the Y) Today Show November is National Diabetes Awareness Month.

Getting educated and taking a few basic steps may well keep you from becoming a victim of crime and fraud—and save you a great deal of time and trouble.

You can also help us protect your families and communities by reporting suspicious activities and helping find wanted fugitives and missing kids.

Med mere end 9,6 millioner km² og en befolkning på mere end 320 millioner er USA det tredjestørste land og tredje folkerigeste land i verden.

Da USA er resultatet af stor immigration fra mange lande igennem flere hundrede år, er landet et af de lande i verden med flest etniske grupper.

Using data gathered on children born in Bavaria, Germany between the years 2005-2007, researchers sought to make a connection between gastrointestinal or respiratory infections and the development of celiac disease.

In each case, medical records were reviewed for treated infections up to age two, and then for any subsequent diagnosis of celiac disease.

De første europære der ankom i det moderne USA's territorium var spanske conquistadorer såsom Juan Ponce de León, som ved sit første besøg ankom i Florida i 1513.

På Hawaii-øerne, ankom de tidligste indfødte beboere fra Polynesien omkring 1 AD fra Polynesien.

Before you assume this is another made-up holiday created just to post an image on social media, think again.


  1. The overlying level L dates to the Chalcolithic Halaf culture.

  2. Moreover, although the so-called hypsometric integral refers to the basin scale, most indices are generally derived from the river long profiles and thus focus mainly on the short-term response of a drainage network to base level change, providing limited information in regions of older and/or moderate uplift.

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  5. A unitary system is governed constitutionally as one single unit, with one constitutionally created legislature. A unitary state is a sovereign state governed as one single unit in which the central government is supreme and any administrative divisions (sub national units) exercise only powers that the central government chooses to delegate.

  6. Here you will get an overview of private and public schools, from preschool and compulsory school to upper secondary education and higher education.

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