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But if you go to work and speak english and then come home and speak english, no prob. Run an MVA with extrication, working structure, and landed a helo. As far as the debrief part, it is awesome to run a bad one and have someone who 'gets it' to call or go to. They understand and they usually know how to say the right thing or when to just be quiet.So you get home to someone who gets it and they ask how your day went you can just tell them, well I run an MI, had a car accident with a pneumo, a symptomatic bradi, and took care of a kid that had a 6 cm lac on his distal forearm. Little longer to explain that to someone who doesn't know. Last, I have to say it is nice to date someone who gets why you do it and why you can be in the middle of something and the tones come and you drop everything and leave.

My expectations were high, I thought I could do it all. I finally decided that I would EXPECT him to be gone, then I wouldn't be disappointed. When I finally buckled down and told myself, "This is going to be more work." I could finally except it and move on. He also isn't here most of the time as I'm trying to put the kids down (to me that is the most stressful time of the day).

Well, I will share with you a few things I've learned. Schedule appointments, shopping and anything else while he is at home. It gave me a whole new appreciation for when he was able to make it to church, or an event, or help me get the kids somewhere. I wasn't boiling in resentment at being left to raise six children by myself. My hubby is here for maybe 2-3 hours total during waking hours when he is not working. He is training for a relay race and jogs every other day.

Anyone interested feel free to message and I don't really have an age range just as long as their legal 18 and up.

From my experience i think its better to date someone of your proffesion, just for the simple fact that it gives you more to talk about and more to do then say dating a civilian, in the same breath tho sometimes it also has to be from your heart if you and a civi hit it off better then you and a firemen/firewomen then go with it...

Firefighters are trained to both remain calm and to help others calm down in times of crisis.

You don’t see many calendars of topless accountants or game developers.

Related to #2, firefighters are pros at mouth-to-mouth. Firefighters are trained to quickly and efficiently solve problems. Firefighters don’t run away from difficult situations. Firefighters can literally sweep you off your feet.

You can make slightly inappropriate jokes about how hot he/she is. With a days-on, days-off shift schedule, there will be sleep-in days at home.

This would apply to any type of emergency worker wives, also it may work for military wives. Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day to write to me. I am facing another potentially challenging day as my husband goes on yet another 24 hour shift. But also know that this type of job is a sacrifice for the wife.

I am going to be honest with you, it used to be so hard when I had three little ones. In this line of work, your life will be interrupted constantly. Overtime will come at the most inconvenient of times. I made myself miserable for years because I was always disappointed when our plans were dashed upon the rocks!

When you get back to regular life, I have a hard time changing languages.


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