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Seizures and You: Take Charge of the Facts is part of a multi-year effort to educate teens, dispel myths and reduce the perceived stigma associated with epilepsy.

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Talk with your peers around the world 24/7 by threaded discussions or by scheduling a live chat. Seizures and You: Take Charge of the Facts is an epilepsy awareness program targeting teenagers in middle and high school.

The program is designed to take place in one 45-minute class period.

Urinary tract symptoms have been collectively referred as "ketamine-induced ulcerative cystitis" or "ketamine-induced vesicopathy", and they include urge incontinence, decreased bladder compliance, decreased bladder volume, detrusor overactivity, and painful blood in urine.

Bilateral hydronephrosis and renal papillary necrosis have also been reported in some cases.

Teens who have epilepsy (also known as seizure disorders) face other big challenges too--such as explaining seizures to other people; wondering how their friends are going to react; and never knowing when the next seizure's going to happen.

A big challenge is the fact that other teens may not know much about epilepsy.

The same study also demonstrated chronic (24 h) administration of ketamine at concentrations as low as 0.01 μg/ml can interfere with the maintenance of dendritic arbor architecture.

These results raise the possibility that chronic exposure to low, subanesthetic concentrations of ketamine, while not affecting cell survival, could still impair neuronal maintenance and development.

ketamine is used in medicine as an anesthetic; however, due to the hallucinations it may cause, it is not typically used as a primary anesthetic, although it is the anesthetic of choice when reliable ventilation equipment is not available.

Ketamine is frequently used in severely injured people and appears to be safe in this group.

However, the rat brain has significant differences in metabolism from the human brain; therefore such changes may not occur in humans.


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