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One other thing, I keep getting emails from people off the blog asking if I can do a post on this subject or that subject.

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I think everyone who has recovered or really moved forward will all say they had to go against their instinct many times.. How you feel now has no bearing on how you may feel in a few months time, none at all. Begin to learn to be less impressed by the way you feel, even if you don’t understand why you feel a certain way, it doesnt matter, just place it all under the umbrella of anxiety. By all means educate yourself by reading the book or the blog and then just go and get on with your day.

That is because we are built to make a decision when anxious, anxious feelings mean flee or find the danger. Never be afraid to drop the subject for a while, I have advised people on here that they are becoming too indulged in the subject and to have a week off and just add some living in. Don’t see anxiety or the sensations that come with it as the enemy, embrace them, they are only feelings/sensations that can do you no harm.

Firstly sorry for the late post, as stated it was computer problems.

I still don’t have access to my files where I placed the success stories, so here is a seperate post until I get my files back.

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If anyone ever asks me what was the eureka moment, what really helped?

I always say it was a shift in my attitude to how I felt.

That is why people go to work and then have a home life.

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