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In the hull of the ship she discovered a wooden coffin with another note attached that told her to order the ship to sail and not to open the coffin until sunset.

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The deal was that Hades would give him a magical wooden bow with 11 arrows.

Ambrogio was to offer his kill to Artemis, sister of Apollo, in order to gain her favor and steal her silver bow which he would then deliver to Hades to retrieve his soul.

Ambrogio would meet with the maiden every morning and soon fell deeply in love with her and asked for her to marry him and return to his home land with him upon his departure.

Apollo had been watching and was enraged that this mortal would dare take his beautiful maiden, in his fury he cursed Ambrogio so that the touch of Apollos sun would burn his flesh also prohibiting him from meeting with Selene the next morning to depart for Italy.

In exchange for this immortality he would have to abandon all other Gods but her and since Artemis was a virgin God, he too would suffer her fate and was required to abandon his love Selene.

He agreed and that night wrote a message to Selene telling her to meet with him on his ship.

Recent methodological developments, including remote sensing, geodesy, fault trenching, and numerical dating, have helped accelerate knowledge and study of past earthquakes.

Paleoseismic studies include on-fault and off-fault studies.

Amongst these discoveries were the “Scriptures of Delphi” said to be written by the infamous Oracle of Delphi.

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