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Aquafest Cruises is a member of the Cruising is the most affordable and popular gay vacation choice today.A nearly all-inclusive vacation that offers freedom and visits to several different islands or ports-of-call, our events include your accommodations, meals and shipboard entertainment at one low price!

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We are different from full ship charters, as our onboard group program combines the best each ship offers along with unmatched Gay & Lesbian social gatherings..

We provide great discounts and very competitive offers, where the LGBT full ship charters cannot.

Aquafest is a Gay & Lesbian Group Cruise Event with the Best Group Discounts on the Finest Ships with the Most Enjoyable and Varied Entertainment Packages.

Cruises are relaxing and are conducive to a party atmosphere as the ambiance is carefree.

Cruising is the most affordable and the most popular gay vacation choice today.

Please check out this great web site to make friends before you cruise.

Posted by NJ on 5 October 2011 The Caribbean is the perfect destination getaway for gay and lesbian couples or singles who want to mingle. Here are the top 5 gay-friendly Caribbean destinations to check out this year. Maarten have been welcoming gay and lesbian guests for years and they have a fantastic reputation as a major gay-friendly hot spot for fun in the sun.

Aquafest Events creates a vibrant LGBT microcosm at sea in the midst of regular cruise ship clientele.

We are the BEST affordable option to a full-ship LGBT event!

Thousands of successfully matched couples throughout the UK are a proof of this and every year millions of new members are taking advantage of the dating opportunities that HIV Dating 4 U has to offer!


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  6. If you're gay, bi or even just curious, you will never get bored while using our gay feature.

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