Greekcity dating

With plastic toy soldiers played by both children and adults.

In the evening enjoy spending time with family, collecting new bastions of a fortress surrounded by plastic legionaries.

When the spear was broken, the hoplite would turn to his sword, which is correctly done here with the leaf-shaped blade, but the blade length is only 5mm (36cm) in length.

The principal weapon was the spear, which the majority of the figures are carrying.

The spears are 32mm in length, which is 2.3 metres and historically perfectly correct, while they are very nicely done, with both the point and the butt-spike.

All have greaves which cover the knee and clip on to the leg, which appear during the 6th century and disappear at the same time as the cuirass.

A few also have metal armour on their upper right arm, which had largely disappeared by the close of the 6th century, but again may have persisted in conservative Sparta for longer.

The same applies to the two poses with metal flaps round the groin, which would have been very rare by the 5th century. To what extent Spartan (or other) Greek soldiers actually went into battle naked remains a matter for debate, so the presence of the tunic is fine here.

The classic hoplite carried his round Argive shield, as all here do.There are plenty of other features of this set to confirm this dating.The helmets, though in several designs, are all of the Corinthian or the open-faced Illyrian type (these are modern categorisations).The traditional Greek battle formation at this time was the phalanx, which called for some very precise movements and poses.The men advanced in ranks, holding their spear over the right shoulder and holding their shield to their front, which meant it covered their left side and the open right side of the man to their left.Men's erections should be as solid as the military spirit and plastic soldiers. All of its male citizens (spartiates) were professional, full-time soldiers, reared from birth with that sole purpose in mind.


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