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There are plenty of times when a person does nothing wrong, and perhaps there is even some chemistry with a good night kiss, but the relationship simply isn’t meant to be. Know that sometimes there is nothing you can do differently to make a date work out, and that’s okay.” — “Women are verbal. Sharing with our girlfriends is how we show we love them.

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I asked relationship and dating experts if they could share some of the top reasons men and women don’t get asked to go on a second date and guess what, it may not be all your fault.

If you’ve been on more first dates than second ones, click through to read 14 reasons you maybe didn’t get a second date call from 8 dating experts who have heard it all. If he doesn’t pick up on your disrespect because he is infatuated with you, trust me his friends will and they will tell him.

Every guy I know likes to be helpful and needed by a woman every now and then even if she has it all together.

Let him help you where necessary, because the truth is we need each other.

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Scoring a first date with a chick you’ve been after warrants a high five, sure.

And nobody wants to have a second date with someone who stared blankly at them and respond with a, “huh”? Reel in your crazy train brain and remember, the date is an opportunity to get to know someone and connect with them.

So listen actively, find something in common and enjoy your date.” — “Don’t have more than two cocktails on a first date.

D., relationship expert and author of While there’s nothing you can do about today’s dating scene or what's going on in your date’s mind, you can avoid the most common first date faux pas to increase the odds she’ll want to see you again.

Read on to find out what real women, and Orbuch, consider to be deal breakers so you can bring your A-game to your next first date.

If you get drunk, he’s going to think you’re always like that, and he’s probably not looking for someone who can’t say no to alcohol, or gets sloppy, easily.

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