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As an example: The snipped below commits all bound .

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control, the underlying binding source is updated a soon as the control loses focus.

This is something you might want to prevent sometimes – a common scenario is a model dialog that provides a Cancel button to abort changes.

The value of that property depends upon properties of other objects, and so the dependent object registers for the Property Changed event.

When this event is fired, the dependent object calculates the value of the dependent property, stores it, and fires another Property Changed event upstream. Much of the code using INotify Property Changed is concerned with registering for the Property Changed event, reregistering when the subject changes, and firing it at the appropriate time.

What would this code look like if you could take INotify Property Changed out of the picture?

What if data binding could work directly against a property and update whenever it changed?

To help you write this extra code, Update Controls installs a Visual Studio add-in that shows up in the Tools menu as “Generate Independent Properties”.

It is mapped, by default, to Ctrl D, G (as well as Ctrl D, Ctrl G, just in case).

To use Update Controls, add two references to your C# or Visual Basic WPF project: Update and Update Controls. Within your XAML files, add a namespace reference to Update Controls. Mail Merge is an example of a dependent property because it depends upon other properties for its value.

Current Customer and Name, on the other hand, are independent properties since they can change independently.

Update Controls is an open source software library that does not require you to implement the INotify Property Changed interface or fire Property Changed events. The Update Controls library figures out when your properties change and automatically updates the view.

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