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Often pictured in pajamas – or a silk smoking jacket - and smoking a pipe, Hefner personally promoted the Playboy philosophy as the magazine became an amalgam of nude photographs of gorgeous women and intellectual writing.("I just read Playboy for the articles," was a standard, if joking, line at the time.) "If you had to sum up the idea of Playboy, it is anti-Puritanism," he was quoted as saying as the country's mood became more hedonistic."She was talking about a third person I didn't recognize. But I think that Crystal is more than one person; she's kind of lost at the center and was overwhelmed by the relationship, and got caught up in an affair while we were going together that I knew nothing about." As to the way they parted: "There was no disappointment in terms of not getting married -— it's the disappointment of the relationship going south," he says.

"I don't think that’s in the cards anymore." Both boys are still in college and neither has yet had Hefner's daughter Christie's experience of joining PEI as a junior executive before climbing to the top. HE GETS LETTERS FROM WOMEN AROUND THE WORLD WANTING TO BE HIS GIRLFRIEND When girls apply, Hefner checks out their pictures and invites some to visit. "I'm obviously a visual person, and looks and appearance are important, but it's pretty obvious also that I have a particular type," he acknowledges. " For more, read the full cover story now and read about all the aspects of the Playboy empire here.

Does he not think these women may partly be lured by his money and power?

Here are 10 surprising revelations from this week's THR cover story: 1.

EVEN AT AGE 85, HEFNER CAN STILL HAVE A (VERY) ACTIVE SEX LIFE "We had sex once a week," Hefner says of his ex-fiancee, 25-year-old Crystal Harris. We had sex the first night that we met, with another girl, and it was such a nice relationship that I kept them both over for a weekend." 2.

HEFNER AND GLORIA STEINEM ALMOST DATED These days, the feminist activist is more likely to be criticizing the Playboy founder (in fact she called the NBC series a "net minus") but back in the day, Hefner says they had a much warmer relationship.

"Gloria and I go back a long ways," he notes wryly of the woman who went undercover as a bunny then wrote about her experience, "but it's more personal than you probably know.

But in just the past year, has added three international editions to its previous 28.

Playboy Enterprises CEO Scott Flanders says the American version of the magazine "loses a small amount," but that Playboy makes money from its international print operations. PLAYMATE AND EX-FIANCEE CRYSTAL HARRIS CRIED TO HEFNER AFTER TALKING ABOUT THEIR SEX LIFE ON HOWARD STERN' S SHOW "I was very surprised," he admits. You know, she's the one that wanted to get married, not me.

called "The Girls Next Door." In 1975, Hefner moved to Los Angeles and in 1985, he suffered a minor stroke.

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