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An average of the mean dates is taken, and the date that results should approximate the middle period when the ceramics were deposited (Deetz 19).

dating in the time period 1818-30

My prior research indicates that employees give or withheld their commitment to an organisation on the basis of universally held criteria.

These criteria are based on the degree to which management is seen to have a genuine interest in employee wellbeing and are willing to empower or grow their subordinates.

This indicates that any proper and useful definition of empowerment would have three categories in it, namely those of means, ability and accountability.

By accountability I would understand that there are consisted rewards and punishments that are exercised with regard to what a person has been entrusted with.

This suggests that if I were serious about empowering this person then I would deliberately withhold the fish in the freezer.

I would, in other words, hold them accountable for what they have been entrusted with.

There is a very commonly held metaphor for empowerment, namely the fishing metaphor.

This metaphor holds that if you give a person a fish you feed them for a day, but if you teach them to fish then you will feed them for the rest of their lives.

If they had done what was required of them they would be rewarded, if not, then they would be censured.

In an organisational context the category of means would include things such as tools, resources, standards, time and authority.

You know the production ranges and median dates of the three types of ceramics you recovered.

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