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Jeffrey Smith Jr., the Director of Multicultural Programs at Emmanuel College, shares his professional insight on how interracial couples are perceived by others.

Negative public perceptions and even family remarks can cause relationships to waiver depending on each partner’s personal comfort zone.

This could mean one partner is more comfortable being affection in public while the other may not feel safe to act this way.

Fitting in with a new family can definitely be a difficult task.

This can be even more stressful if your SO’s family isn’t fully comfortable with your relationship.

Our country would not be nearly as beautiful if we were all the same.

We must all do our part to spread love while educating those with hate in their hearts on the importance of diversity.You should never have to feel ashamed of who you are or who you love.People may not always understand each other, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be accepting.Just be sure to keep an open mind, especially if it’s for someone you love.This particular struggle really pulls at the heartstrings.Smith shares more advice on what to do in these situations.


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