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In that film, the woman plays a certain roll and reads the script she has been given.

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I learned about masturbation probably the same way other guys did: I discovered it on my own. It wasn’t included in any “sex talks” from my parents or the public school system.

It wasn’t until I heard a group friends at school joking around about “jacking off” that I discovered that I wasn’t all that unique in my secret habits.

I’ve deliberately chosen to focus on boys in this article because (1) I am a man, and (2) I have four boys and no daughters.) .

Even young boys can masturbate to orgasm, but pre-pubescent boys will not be capable of ejaculation.

This post is focused on talking about masturbation.

It’s written for parents, especially scared parents, about how to talk to boys about masturbation. I didn’t even have a name for it for the first several years of my adolescence.

In my last article, I addressed the subject of younger children and masturbation—specifically when no lustful fantasy is involved.

In this article I’ll be addressing how to talk to boys 11 and up about masturbation.

The exact age when boys begin engaging in lustful fantasy varies from child to child, so this is a guideline, not a rule. Check out our course for more tips and advice about talking to your kids about sex.

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