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Ladies who are introduced as students are also preferred, said a lady named Le, who introduced herself a student of the tourism department of a university.At Migi, most ladies are introduced as students, who are priced from 0-150 for an hour in a hotel.The men laughed, one of them stood up and spoke Vietnamese in a slight accent, “Nice, nice.” He gradually approached each girl and gazed at them carefully.

Duy, a manager of a restaurant on Ngo Van Nam Street, said his business has made a huge profit.

Each party gives him a net profit of $200 – 1,000, as girls are not paid salary and their total income comes from tips and overnight labor.

These young ladies were dressed in skirts that exposed more flesh than cloth and were busy making up eyes and cheeks and lips -- ingredients of their night recipe to earn money.

Suddenly, a temperate voice of a woman spoke up through a handie-talkie: “Girls come out for greeting, girls come out for greeting”.

There, girls are called ‘lady,’ and are actually treated like no more than prostitutes, the only difference being price.

journalists disguised themselves as ladies of some of the ‘dens’ for three months and sketched out the ambience of entertainment that ‘elegant girls’ and ‘successful businessmen’ build up.

It’s easier to avoid the police in this job, as guests usually take the girls home, not to hotels, she added.

The other thing is that foreigners rarely force them to over-drink, as locals do, although sex is desired by men universally.

Around 50 such ‘dens’ exist on streets such as Ngo Van Nam, Pham Ngu Lao, Pham Ngoc Thach, Nguyen Thai Binh, Chu Manh Trinh and Bui Vien in the center of the city, which is the busiest economic hub of Vietnam.

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