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In the first case the entity is saved, in the latter case it is updated.

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There are 2 references on each side of the association and these 2 references both represent the same association but can change independently of one another.

Of course, in a correct application the semantics of the bidirectional association are properly maintained by the application developer (that’s his responsibility).

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So what is that detached entity the message talks about? a detached object) is an object that has the same ID as an entity in the persistence store but that is no longer part of a persistence context (the scope of an a problem to persist the same object twice within one transaction.

The second invocation will just be ignored, although the persist operation might be cascaded to any associations of the entity that were added since the first invocation.

We kicked off our hunt for JPA implementation patterns with the Data Access Object pattern and continued with the discussion of how to manage bidirectional associations.

This week we touch upon a subject that may seem trivial at first: how to save an entity..

Note “Owning side” and “inverse side” are technical concepts of the ORM technology, not concepts of your domain model.


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