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Si Best regards Simon NX MP8 and NX 8.5 (native) - TC 8 com The ribbon interface is coming from 2 directions. Since John's pictures don't show up when I view Eng-Tips at work, I have not seen what he posted.1) Microsoft is developing the tools and code to make programming into a ribbon interface easy for the developers. Simon makes a good point about the number of commands in the application.

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If the ‘ribbon’ implementation is different and better than Solid Edge, than is it maybe not so bad at all. I like Ribbon UI in general, but have mixed feeling about it in CAD software.

I used Solid Works for a number of year and when they added the Ribbon UI, it was not too bad.

These are captured BELOW the User Interface level, meaning that even if we move a function from one menu to another or from one toolbar to another, or in the case of NX 9.0, we do away with the toolbars and menus altogether (at least when running in the Ribbon mode), this should have no impact whatsoever on the playing back of the Journal even if it's while running on a later version of NX. Industry Sector Cypress, CA Siemens PLM: UG/NX Museum: When I started reading this thread I thought, - This is a catastrophe! But after seeing the screenshots I must say, that is refreshing and awesome. Basically I hate the ribbon interface and I'm dreading the day I have to unlease it on our 600 users.

In fact, in NX 9.0 you could record a Journal in either the Ribbon or the 'classic UI' mode and you'd still be able to play it back in the other UI mode with no problems. I really think Siemens have missed a trick with the interface, the ribbon interface works well with microsoft applications where there are a couple of hundred commands, but NX supports over 3000 commands.

However, totally new user will probably be more likely to use the full Ribbon, and it's various secondary 'galleries' to find the necessary funtions. I find I have to use command finder often but am using it less and less.

Here is what that 'menu' scheme looks like: While this is what one of the NX 9.0 Ribbon's 'More' gallery will look like: And remember, if you use any of these functions on a regular basis, you can use Customize to move them up onto the Ribbon itself where you can optionally show them as a large icon with text, a small icon with text or just a simple small icon without text. Product 'Evangelist' Product Engineering Software Siemens PLM Software Inc. Product 'Evangelist' Product Engineering Software Siemens PLM Software Inc. Product 'Evangelist' Product Engineering Software Siemens PLM Software Inc. How versatile are journals between major NX releases?

Anyway, we welcome your questions as well as you concerns, but we would like you to hold off on your final judgment until you've actually had a chance to use NX 9.0. Industry Sector Cypress, CA Siemens PLM: UG/NX Museum: First, you can use Ribbon Interface or decide to stay in old style. Second, I like very very very very very very very very very very very much this ribbon interface style.

And just so that we know the time frame that we're talking about here, NX 9.0 is planned to be released in about 90 days or so. I use NX9 every day and I'm very satisfied, better then the old interface.

Unlike most other applications using a Windows-style 'ribbon' interface, the NX 9.0 implementation will be fully customizable.

But before anyone goes completely postal, there will be an option to run NX using the so-called 'classic' interface, at least for the next couple of NX releases.

It was just not intuitive and did not "flow" for me even after 2 years.

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